World Premiere Performances

José Cueto and Nancy Roldán

* = work is recorded commercially





Double Rhapsody for Violin & Piano

Duo. Dedicated to Nancy Roldán & José Cueto

Andrew Gerle

10/24/2015. “Magyar” Gala Concert. Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Las cuatro estaciones porteñas (The Four Buenos Aires Seasons) *

Duo. Dedicated to Nancy Duo Transcription for violin and piano based on the original work by Astor Piazzolla

Nancy Roldán

2013. Buckingham’s Choice Series. Frederick, Maryland


Solo Piano. Dedicated to Nancy Roldán

Jorge Villavicencio- Grossmann

10/15/2011. Gala Concert. Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Fantasia and Fugue on a Gregorian Theme

Duo Pianos. Dedicated to the Roldan/ Lester duo by the composer.

Russell Nadel

03/11/2007. Friedberg Concert Hall. Peabody Conservatory of Music of the JHU

As terrible as Thunder

Fantasy for solo piano. After William Billings’ Jargon. Dedicated to NR

Daniel Thomas Davies

04/17/2006. Peabody Conservatory Music of the of the JHU

“Calle Corrientes”

Solo Piano. From Three Pieces. Dedicated to NR by the composer

Luis Jorge González

03/18/2003 MSMTA Convention

Nancita & Noelito – A Latin Rag *

Piano four-hands. Dedicated to Lester/Roldán by the composer.

Bryan Dykstra

12/03/2002. 25th Anniversary Celebration: Lester-Roldán Hood College. MD

Homage to Poulenc

Quartet for flute, oboe, clarinet and piano.

Trygve Madsen

2000 IDRS Festival. Buenos Aires, Argentina. CYGNUS ensemble.


For two pianos: Dedicated to Lester/Roldán

Thomas Benjamin

10/07/1997. Hood College, MD

Tango Triste *

Piano Solo. Dedicated to NR

Thomas Benjamin

1996. Hood College, MD

A Prayer For My Father

Duo Violin & Piano

Nancy Roldán

1993. Univ. of Chicago. Benefit: Children with Cancer.

Recitativo/ Allegro Barbaro *

Duo Violin & Piano

Nancy Roldán

1992. Weill at Carnegie Hall. With José Cueto.

Six cants intrancendents

Duo Violin & Piano

Xavier Turull

1989. Weill at Carnegie Hall. With Laura Klugherz