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“…[Nancy] Roldán and violinist José Cueto form a genuine duo, trading ideas and blending tones with an ease that only comes from legitimate compatibility and considerable joint experience. Their sound is an ideal vehicle for Piazzolla’s music: alternately rich and raspy, with a rhythmic alertness that projects dances both in the present and in memory. I never have experienced a more telling evocation of Piazzolla’s spirit than on this album.”

“Roldán’s arrangement of
The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires makes an important addition to the repertory for violin and piano.”
Dave Saemann, Fanfare Magazine

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“In an age of steel fingered pianists… it is refreshing to hear music making which allows for freedom of expression… [Roldán] breathed life into the score.”
Francis Schwartz, San Juan Star, Puerto Rico

“An artist of solid background, she plays with total assurance and knowledge… Chopin’s concerto #2 was a jewel of stylistic awareness, with an ideal tempo, and a beautiful-clear tone.”
Los Andes, Argentina

“Bravura playing, magnificent.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany

“…Cristalline, rippling piano line… gorgeously lyrical.”
Alan Kozinn, The New York Times

“There aren’t many musicians with your emotional sensitivity and musical sense, my dear Nancy. I would be confident to have you record my work.”
Carlos Guastavino, personal letter

“I was moved to tears with each note you [and Lester] recorded… The three [Romances] are excellent and full of impulse and emotional nuances…”
Carlos Guastavino, personal letter

“…[N.R.’s Liszt Piano Concerto #2] dazzled and amazed all within hearing range. Roldán is the first pianist of the season to play with such authority.”
The State Journal Register, Illinois

“You don’t have to be a cat person to enjoy the music and performances on these CDs. They are elegant, beautiful, sly and silly, just like the creatures they pay tribute to.”
James Miller, Fanfare Magazine
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