Internationally acclaimed violin-piano duo José Cueto & Nancy Roldán perform at the 2009 Liszt-Garrison Festival opening ceremony “At the Heart of Nations.” LeClerc Auditorium, College of Notre Dame of Maryland. In a letter written by Guastavino to Roldan on November 9, 1987, he says about the interpretation of his works for violin and piano, Llanura and Rosita Iglesias: “I was deeply moved by your sensible and noble interpretation of my works. Each of you, with your mastery and in perfect communication, have shaped each phrase to perfection. You both have a marvelous innate musical sense with great expressive results… really moving”
David Alsina, bandoneon, arrangement. Nancy Roldán, Piano. José Cueto, Violin. Laura Ruas, Bass. Composer: Horacio Salgan